Working On Garrison from Battle Chasers!

Hey everyone!

I started my gender bend Garrison build for Battle Chasers Nightwar! This costume is going to be a mix of 3D printing, electronics, and fabric work so I can't wait!

I decided to start with one of the most important parts of Garrison's costume IMO his locket <3. I 3D modeled it and am currently in the process of printing it!

Here is the Digital Sculpt:


3D Model of Garrison's Locket based off of Joe Mad's art from Battle Chasers Issue 4

I then did a couple printing tests and realized my Ultimaker might not be enough and I need to print this on an SLA printer! Hopefully I can make that happen so I can cold cast it in gold!


Print tests of the locket. Top one was first (I tried to print it all in one piece but it caused me too many issues and was too weak to function) Second is most recent print (print is much better but not where I need it D: )

Thank you all so much for checking this out and I will make sure to keep this updated!

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