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 Want to book me for your company or a convention? I make and model all of my own costumes and have worked from both original designs and already existing characters. Being a nerd myself I can offer something special to your booth and company. I strive to be the characters I create and want nothing more than to help promote your brand. Not only can I create my own costumes, I can model, and help promote your company and product on all my social media platforms.

I also would love to be invited as a guest at your next convention. Cosplay and costume creating is a true passion of mine! I have been fortunate enough to be invited to conventions and share that passion with others. I love nothing more than meeting new people throughout the convention scene. With past experience doing panels, armor building workshops, hosting and competing I can offer your convention the following:

#1 Costume creation Workshops

I've done prop and armor workshops in both worbla and foam.

#2 Cosplay, art, and design panels

I have extensive expertise   as a cosplayer and 3D artist for professional companies, so I can help bring a new light to art and design for costume making and cosplay.

#3 Interviews

I have been interviewing with #Thathashtagshow at different conventions and events for over a year now.


I have won several awards for my costumes and would love to offer my knowledge.

#5 Showcasing my Creations

I am always open to showcase my costumes and discuss their creations with others!


I can manage a booth while signing and selling prints to fans. I Love nothing more than talking cosplay :D!

#7 Show Hosting

I have experience hosting fashion and cosplay shows. 

#9 Promotion Over My social Media

I will post your event throughout all of my social media to try to get it seen by as many as possible. 

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