Zero Suit Samus



/ Metroid hunter

 A Dream Come True!

This was a Cosplay commissioned by Sideshow Collectibles.

Craig Mcnelley, 
Costume & Model
Alicia Bellamy
Paralyzer Pistol 
Coregeek & Cosplay Creations
Debut Date
Anime Expo 2015
July 3, 2015

The pattern

creating a custom Pattern for the suit

This was the first bodysuit I have ever created, and because I am slightly crazy, I decided that I wanted the dark and light blue panels to be seamed together instead of sewing the dark blue on top. Sadly a Zero Suit Samus pattern does not exist, so I had to create one. I started with the Yaya Han body suit pattern from McCall. After using the pattern to sew a body suit together and making the proper adjustments to make the fit perfect, I had Tyler draw the different colored panels on the body suit while it was on me. 

From there I was able to trace over them with sharpie and use key marks to mark where each panel connected before I cut it into pieces. The pieces were then cut, marked, and labeled properly. I traced those onto my fabric, added a seam allowance and cut out the new pieces. The pattern ended up being completely custom after that. (And like 1 million pieces D: ). 


Taming the beast

This was by far the most challenging part of the whole suit. I spent about 60 hours on the sewing alone. All of the light and dark blue panels have been seamed together to give the suit the most realistic look possible. The image below shows how all of the panels were done. I matched the marks together on the panels and then sewed along the original drawn line from the custom pattern. I had to sew all of the small pieces together on each section of the suit, then sew the sections together. For example, I sewed all the small pieces together on the front and back panels and then sewed them together. The middle and last photo show the torso which was by far one of the more challenging sections. 


making a seamless shoe

Like most costumes, I started with a pair of shoes that already existed and was as close as possible to the actual shape I needed. I tried to make this as easy as possible for myself, so I measured a general square of fabric and pinned it around my leg and shoe. I carefully removed the shoe and fabric and sewed it all together. Finally I patterned and cut off the bottom part of the shoe then used that to cut out the dark fabric. I attached the 2 fabrics together and slipped them over the shoes. After they were in the proper place I super glued the dark part around the soles so I could walk on them with ease. It’s important to note that I needed the most seamless look as possible with these shoes. I decided I didn't want to attach the shoes to the suit because I knew I wanted to take them off without taking the suit off. I did a few tests and decided that it was best if I left the top spandex with a raw edge. In photos you can’t even tell that they are not attached.


oh how i hated these

This was my first pair of full gloves, and man were they a challenge. I tried to make it as easy as possible for myself so I used a technique where you literally trace your hand on the fabric and sew around that. It worked to an extent but was slightly too small, luckily because it was spandex it stretched some over time. I then needed to add the dark blue panels, like the shoes I cut out the light blue parts and used those as a pattern for the dark blue. I sewed it all together and added the length needed to pull the glove up my arm and over the raw edge of the suit sleeve. For the light blue detail on the top of the glove I opted to sew it on top for ease of sewing. I used a straight stitch and kept it as close to the edge of the fabric as possible; I was pleasantly surprised at how clean it came out. 


glowy things!

Finally I needed to create all of the symbols. After doing a lot of research I decided to make all of the symbols out of 2 colors of heat transfer vinyl. I created the symbols in photoshop then printed it out as a template for the vinyl. I was able to use a lower heat setting to set it to the spandex and then layer the other colors on top. For the layering method I basically worked backwards, doing the most outer edges first and then working my way in. I used a dark neon pink for the outside and a pale pink for all of the innards. I was very pleased with the bright, almost glowing, results this gave to all of the symbols. I used this same technique on the chest and back symbols as well.

Final thoughts

Over thoughts on this build

I am so happy that I took the plunge and challenged myself to sew this costume. It has helped me increase my sewing skills as well as working with spandex and other stretch fabrics. I love that I was able to play with heat transfer vinyl (which I can not wait to use again) and I was able to do my first pair of gloves and spandex shoe covering! One day hopefully I will build her full Metroid suit, but until then I am so happy with rocking her Zero Suit.

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